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Commercial Fabrication strives to be part of the solution. When our clients hire us on their projects they can expect that we will act with their best interests and in a manner that serves the entire team. Commercial Fabrication vows to offer our customers the best possible value and to enable successful projects.

Our steel fabrication services will always remain industry compliant. We are AISC Certified by the Standard for Steel Building Structures.

Located in St. Peters, MO, Commercial Fabrication is also a WBE/DBE company. Since 1974 local owners, architects, engineers, general contractors and specialty contractors have called on Commercial Fabrication for structural, custom and pre-assembled steel fabrication services.

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Why do owners and designers choose structural steel?

Speed of construction 

While steel may be laggard when it comes to jobsite material availability when compared to other materials, the design, fabrication and erection cycle allow for an overall expediency to have a finished product more quickly and makes the project available earlier for other trades.

Lower project costs

It all comes down to man-hours. Construction materials pricing across the board continues to increase. However, it typically only requires approximately 10 man-hours to produce a single ton of steel. By comparison, a concrete framing system costs about 5%-7% more on a national basis.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern construction design utilizes the natural beauty of steel to emphasize the strength, grace, and modern feel which appeals to owners and tenants alike.

Flexible Designs

When it comes to structural steel, no other material has the ability to encourage freedom of expression and creativity.

High Strength

Structural steel has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any material currently available for construction.


Structural steel is the most recycled material on earth. In addition to the carbon footprint and energy production cost reductions associated with structural steel, steel production conserves our most valuable resource: water. Lastly steel does not need to be dumped into a landfill, but rather can be recycled and reused for the future.

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