Pre-fabricated fully assembled steel structures save time, improve safety and increase profitability on projects.

In today’s fast paced world of construction, pre-fabrication of fully assembled structures is saving time on jobs like never before. According to McGraw-Hill, 66% of AEC professionals report that project schedules are decreased with 35% reporting decreases of four or more weeks in schedule. Additionally, 65% a decrease in project budgets as well as a 77% decrease in construction site material waste.* Less waste on site also improves safety.

Pre-Fabricated Steel Assemblies
Pre-Fabricated Assemblies St. Louis

Whether structural or ornamental; on a traditional ground up construction project; or when time is of the essence such as on a manufacturing or industrial shutdown/turnaround, Commercial Fabrication has produced steeples, domes, ornamental towers, shafts, stair assemblies, screen walls for AHU’s/cooling towers, curtain walls up to 15-stories, industrial chutes and much more.

Why consider pre-fabricated assemblies?

  • For owners, a driving factor with the precision of modeling software and the quality of modern materials and manufacturing facilities, prefabrication and modular construction offer the opportunity to obtain significant productivity gains on projects.
  • For Architects, using assemblies increases ROI for the client, and allows for integrating new design elements in structures.
  • For engineers, utilizing pre-fabricated assemblies can often be the difference maker allowing you to separate yourself from other firms. For general contractors, prefabricated assemblies provide predictable results for your schedule and costs.
  • For specialty contractors, especially mechanical and electrical contractors, pre-fabrication has already become a mainstay of business methodology. However, with the inherent efficiencies, productivity and safety gains, current projections continue to show increased usage on projects.

Prefabrication Modularization in the Construction Industry - PDF

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